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Business Development Support Specialist (Lithuania)

NanoAvionics team is constantly growing and now we have reached a point where our international sales team would like to hire a person who could support their efforts from Vilnius and help the further expansion of the business.

Your daily responsibilities include:

  • Analysing and providing sales data and guides to the sales department
  • Developing and monitoring performance indicators for sales and staff members, managing sales tracking tools, and compiling reports
  • Recording sales trends and liaising with account managers to develop sales strategies
  • Helping the sales team with business proposal preparation, analyse client requirements and assure compliance with certain related regulations
  • Performing data entry tasks for sales figures, metrics, client info, etc
  • Handling administrative duties for the company and its executives and management teams
  • Scheduling customer meetings and conferences


  • Previous sales/analytical job experience
  • Analytical mindset, business acumen
  • Ability to function with minimal direction
  • Escalate issues as appropriate with the required amount of urgency
  • Ability to deal with team members with technical background
  • Strong, determined and proactive personality
  • A collaborative environment with engaged, smart and supportive colleagues
  • Possibility to learn business development intricacies on an international level
  • Opportunity to attend high level tech conferences abroad
  • Did we mention Space?? (Possibly it’s your once-in-a-lifetime chance to contribute to the commercial space race)
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