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Innovative Propulsion Systems for Small Satellite Market (ISPS)

NanoAvionics has been awarded a grant by the Public Institution Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) to perform R&D activities on technologies of chemical propulsion systems for small satellite applications and for expansion of the company‘s R&D infrastructure.

The first part of the project is devoted to scientific R&D activities, starting with an in-orbit test campaign of the current NanoAvionics-developed chemical propulsion system prototype during the LituanicaSAT-2 satellite mission. In parallel, a laboratory test campaign with the same design of system prototype is planned to be performed. Data collected from both test campaigns will be analyzed. As a result, a further product development plan of the system will be prepared including designing, prototyping and testing.

The goals of the project:

  • Reaching the 8th technology readiness level (TRL)
  • Develop an orbital maneuvering system (OMS)
  • Develop an attitude control system


Company’s R&D infrastructure goals:

  • Acquiring a thermal vacuum chamber (-45 °C to +150 °C, 1×10-06 mbar) for environmental testing campaigns
  • Acquiring an electronics laboratory including testing, diagnostics, assembly and integration equipment
  • Acquiring a mechanical workshop including equipment and tools for assembly and integration of mechanical components and systems
  • ISO class 7 clean room facilities
Project details
European regional Development Fund
Funding Tool
“Intelektas. Bendri mokslo–verslo projektai”
Project Duration
March 2017 – September 2019