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Navigating CubeSat and Small Satellite Procurement

  • 2023-12-28

The procurement process involves sourcing the necessary components, materials, and services required for building CubeSats and small satellites. As a satellite manufacturer specializing in CubeSats and smaller satellite platforms, we must identify reliable suppliers capable of meeting our stringent quality, performance, and delivery requirements. At NanoAvionics, we manufacture up to 80% of the subsystems for our standard CubeSat and small satellite buses in-house. We only outsource third-party subsystems from carefully selected suppliers that produce proven, high-quality products and with whom we have established close relationships over the years.

Supply Chain Management and Redundancy in CubeSat and Small Satellite Manufacturing

Effective supply chain management for CubeSats and small satellites involves:

  • Overseeing the flow of materials.
  • Managing inventory.
  • Establishing redundancy plans to mitigate potential disruptions in the supply chain.

Manufacturers of CubeSats and small satellites can proactively address any unforeseen delays or issues that may arise during the production process by identifying critical components and establishing backup options.

Logistics in CubeSat and Small Satellite Manufacturing

Logistics in CubeSat and small satellite manufacturing encompasses coordinating transportation, storage, and delivery of satellite components and subsystems. This process ensures that all materials and equipment arrive at the production facility on time and in optimal condition. Delicate CubeSat and small satellite hardware often requires specialized transportation and storage equipment to reduce degradation and risk of damage before reaching space.

Inventory and ERP Implementation for CubeSats and Small Satellites

Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system provides effective control over inventory levels, procurement activities, and production schedules in CubeSat and small satellite manufacturing. It streamlines operations, enhances traceability, and optimizes resource allocation, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs in the manufacturing process.

Satellite Component Storage and Handling for CubeSats and Small Satellites

Delicate CubeSat and small satellite hardware and electronics require proper storage and handling to maintain their integrity and functionality. Strictly controlled environments include temperature and humidity-controlled storage areas, clean storage facilities, and shock-absorbant travel pods.

ITAR Compliance in CubeSat and Small Satellite Procurement

International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) govern the export and transfer of defense-related technologies and services. Our procurement department, focusing on CubeSats and small satellites, must have a deep understanding of the regulations, establish strict control measures, and secure facilities to protect sensitive technical data and intellectual property.