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Mission services

Turnkey solutions

Small Satellite Mission Services

With over 110 missions under the teams’ belt and core smallsat technologies developed in-house, NanoAvionics is a go-to expert taking care of every smallsat mission-related aspect on the ground, at the launch site, and in space.

Building and qualifying the space hardware

NanoAvionics is a leading manufacturer of cost-efficient and highly reliable nanosatellite (6U / 8U/ 12U / 16U) and microsatellite (up to 220kg) buses that have performed a wide range of missions, including remote sensing, advanced communications, and fundamental research, since the inception of the company.

The company implements the latest technological developments to ensure the practical reliability of its spacecraft. Critical satellite systems such as the Flight Computer, Payload Controller, Electric Power System, and all others are 20krad radiation-tolerant and redundant satellite architecture is available as an option.

NanoAvionics has an in-house developed a green chemical propulsion system for small satellites EPSS which can be optionally integrated with satellite buses. This high impulse density propulsion system enables unique customers’ missions and allows significant savings on constellation maintenance costs.

Launch integration

Complete launch package taking care of:

  • Finding and procuring a suitable launch slot
  • Technical interface control
  • Supplying a deployment mechanism
  • Frequency allocation and satellite registration
  • Documentation and logistics
  • Integration into deployer and launcher; final satellite checkout
Satellite ground operations

NanoAvionics offers turnkey satellite operations infrastructure to its customers. Almost every satellite we have built has been controlled by NanoAvionics Satellite Operations Centre and its experienced team.


To ensure smooth satellite operations and nearly real-time communication with the Earth, our satellite operations infrastructure is equipped with:

  • Powerful in-house developed mission control software (MCS) capable to handle multiple satellite missions
  • Global coverage through MCS Integration with commercial Ground Station (GS) networks – over 200 locations around the globe
  • NanoAvionics-owned GS network: (UHF, S-Band) in DK, US, LT
  • Payload data storage at AWS, MS Azzure servers
  • Advanced cyber security practices, threat modeling, and mitigation methodologies implemented