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Let space be your new limit

We are inviting you to join us on a mission to improve life on Earth. Accept the challenge and expand the limits of what you can create in space.


Satellites for

  • Remote Sensing
  • Telecommunications
  • Fundamental Research
  • Security


improving life on Earth

  • Monitoring the environment, helping disaster management, and resource planning.
  • Enabling global connectivity to bridge geographical gaps and foster collaboration.
  • Expanding our understanding of the universe, advancing science and innovation.
  • Enhancing security and resilience through surveillance, navigation, and communication.


  • 01.
    Speed of a startup.
    Since 2014, 80+ satellites launched or in production for customers in 50+ countries.
  • 02.
    Achievements of a big enterprise.
    We are one of the leading new space companies in Europe, collaborating with NASA, ESA, and many others.
  • 03.
    Close-knit community culture.
    A truly global team of 300+ space industry professionals enjoying a variety of hobbies together.


Ambitious in Space, Humble on Earth

Don’t be misled by our achievements - as much as we are ambitious and high-achievers in space, we are humble on Earth, treating everyone with respect, hospitality, and interest.
  • Growth opportunities
    More than 75% of our leadership has developed within the company and more than 12% of employees have expanded their expertise through horizontal moves.
  • Exciting missions
    Working with national security, climate change and other global matters.
  • Mission launch traditions
    From the early days we maintain a tradition to make every launch day special.
  • Professional development
    Workshops, global conferences, industry meetups, and trainings of your choice on any topic.
  • No constraints
    Result-oriented working hours with the possibility to work remotely (depending on the position).
  • Team clubs
    From chess, airsoft, motorcycling, and basketball to a pilot club - you will find numerous groups around your hobbies.
  • Part of a global space community
    Opportunity to cooperate with industry giants such as NASA, ESA, and others.

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Open positions

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