How Our Customers Can Remotely Test or Develop Their Payloads via Remote Access to a Dedicated Nano-satellite- NanoAvionics

How Our Customers Can Remotely Test or Develop Their Payloads via Remote Access to a Dedicated SmallSat Model

  • 2021-07-05

When we talk about faster, better and cheaper access to space here at NanoAvionics, we fully embrace the philosophy – not only through the highly integral & modular design of our products but also through the whole process of small satellite mission development.

One of the advantages of working with NanoAvionics in making your mission a reality is the ability to remotely test your payload’s software compatibility with our smallsatellite buses in some cases even before making a purchasing decision. Our Customers also use this feature for payload development, and for running mission-critical tests such as hardware in the loop and debugging.

FlatSat Rack

How does it work? Our customers can remotely connect their payload to a dedicated satellite model laid on the table. This model, called a FlatSat, is connected to a ground station simulation. Through network access our Customers can run mission tasks, write and test their scripts, do further developments and check if their payload and satellite can “understand” each other well (as if they were real team mates, like Batman & Robin, or Kirk & Spock). The FlatSat provides the same full functionality as the actual satellite hardware in your laboratory, without the need to buy all the more expensive equipment first.

Our Customers find this approach to be much more convenient (and cost-efficient) than the traditional way of purchasing two satellite buses – the engineering and flight module. At the same time, it provides some risk diversification in cases where there is just a proto-flight satellite bus. In addition, this solution is also time-efficient since the Customer can start their software development right away without any delays (such as waiting for some hardware to arrive in-house) and with help immediately available from the NanoAvionics team.

Every Customer of NanoAvionics interested in this approach can get their own dedicated FlatSat stacked in a special rack (see picture) with 24/7 access for the duration of their developments and tests.