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Discover the Right Performance Fit for Your Mission
NanoAvionics technology has developed with our customers' evolving needs for delivering state-of-the-art remote sensing, communication, research, and national security missions.

If your payload or mission requirements exceed the technical capabilities of our standard satellite buses, our engineering team is ready to offer you a tailored solution and accelerate your mission by drawing from our extensive custom project experience.

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Who Should Opt for a Custom CubSat / Small Satellite?
  • Commercial Organizations
    Seeking a distinct competitive advantage for their constellation that cannot be achieved with standard buses.
  • Governmental and National Security Institutions
    With comprehensive safety, product and project assurance requirements.
  • Complex Technology Demonstration Missions
    For future constellations that fall outside of our standard bus specifications.
  • Fundamental Research Missions
    Whose data collection methods and data quality requirements necessitate unique platform capabilities.
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Custom satellite example
NASA's ACS3 Solar Sail Mission
For NASA's Advanced Composite Solar Sail System (ACS3) mission, NanoAvionics developed a custom small satellite bus to support an 80-square-meter solar sail. This required a complex frame design and a sophisticated Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) to manage the high mass of inertia.
Process of Building a Custom Satellite
  • We help you specify your mission requirements and conduct a mission feasibility study
  • Review proposed solutions based on our trade-off and NRE analysis
  • Define the most suitable product and project assurance approach
  • Commence your custom satellite design and manufacturing
Our Custom Mission Experience
  • 40+
    Custom satellites for 15+ remote sensing customers
  • 15+
    Custom satellites for 10+ communication customers
  • 20+
    Custom satellites for 15+ research customers
  • 10+
    Custom satellites for 5+ national security customers
Highlighted Missions
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