Absolut Sensing selects NanoAvionics to build demonstration satellite to be launched first half of 2024 - NanoAvionics

Absolut Sensing selects NanoAvionics to build demonstration satellite to be launched first half of 2024

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  • 2022-12-07

Absolut Sensing, a subsidiary of the Absolut Group specialized in the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions, has achieved a significant milestone with the selection of satellite manufacturer Kongsberg NanoAvionics (NanoAvionics) to build its demonstration satellite dubbed “GEN1”, after a rigorous selection process. Under the mission agreement, NanoAvionics will provide its 16U nanosatellite bus, payload integration services, a satellite testing campaign, launch services, and satellite operations.

With the GESat constellation, Absolut Sensing looks to offer public and private organizations a way to monitor and decrease man-made greenhouse emissions. The first of a three-phases process, an initial constellation of 12 satellites dedicated to the precise measurement of methane (CH4) emissions, will be launched by 2025. This will be followed by the launch of six carbon dioxide (CO2) and six nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions measuring satellites in 2026 and 2027, respectively. They will complete the 24 satellites constellation set to be the world’s most sophisticated local greenhouse gas measurement system, which with the help of on-board cutting-edge artificial intelligence will enable autonomous, near-real time emission detection.

Tristan LAURENT, Absolut Sensing co-founder and CEO, explains: “This demonstration satellite will allow us to validate our instrument measurement concept and the associated ground processing chain. NanoAvionics has cemented its reputation as a provider of reliable cubesat platforms and we look forward to working with them towards this first launch in early 2024.”

Vytenis J. BUZAS, co-founder and CEO of NanoAvonics, said: “It is becoming increasingly clear that France is determined to become a significant player in the NewSpace industry. Absolut Sensing’s mission to track and measure greenhouse gas emissions from space is an excellent example of NewSpace innovation. I am proud that NanoAvionics, with its satellite technology, can support Absolut Sensing and a growing number of other French organisations in achieving their goals to provide valuable services from space.”

The selection of the micro-satellites’ constellation manufacturer and the launch provider has not yet been made.


Absolut Sensing is on a mission to develop the technologies necessary to monitor, understand and ultimately predict climate change. In the frame of the deployment of our GESat constellation, we design, integrate and operate cutting edge hyperspectral remote sensing systems fitted with on-board artificial intelligence for near-real time detection of greenhouse gases.  

https://absolut-sensing.com/  | LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/absolut-sensing/  | Twitter:  https://twitter.com/absolutsensing/


Founded in 2010, the Group Absolut looks to allow France to develop sovereign solutions in technological domains ranging from aerospace to environmental control, renewable energies, and quantum computing. The group consists of four subsidiaries: Absolut System, expert in ultra-complex cryogenic systems; Absolut Hydrogen, making liquid hydrogen solutions accessible; Absolut Quanta, looking to reduce the carbon footprint of quantum computing; and Absolut Sensing, an Earth observation satellite constellation operator for greenhouse gas detection.


Kongsberg NanoAvionics is a smallsat platform manufacturer and mission integrator currently based in four locations across the USA, UK and Lithuania. The company’s efforts are focused on enabling critical satellite functions and optimizing their hardware, launch and satellite operation costs by providing end-to-end small satellite solutions – ranging from single missions to constellations. Its core engineering team has implemented over 120 successful satellite missions and commercial projects during the past several years. With modularity as the fundamental principle of NanoAvionics system architecture, the company provides economic viability to a wide range of small satellite constellation-based missions, businesses, and organizations worldwide.

https://www.nanoavionics.com | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nanoavionika-uab/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NanoAvionics