Small Satellite Constellations - NanoAvionics
Start with the Best Solution Fit and Scale to a Full Constellation
NanoAvionics is the NewSpace era's pivotal leader in supplying constellation operators with small satellites which suit their requirements the best - whether custom-designed or standard off-the-shelf solutions.

As a truly agnostic partner in your success, we understand your challenges in the satellite market and do not compete with your business case by selling our own satellite data.

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Trusted partner for your small satellite constellation:
  • State-of-the-art facilities in the EU and US with serial manufacturing excellence
  • Robust technological cluster of trusted suppliers
  • Rigorous quality and product assurance programs
  • Highest security standards for sensitive information or classified missions
  • A subsidiary of KONGSBERG Group - shared expertise in areas ranging from project assurance to industrial manufacturing
  • Global ground station network and mission control team for 24/7 operations
Option 1
Custom-Designed Spacecraft
In case your application requires a non-standard solution, we can help you kick off your constellation with a custom spacecraft design based on our vast experience of 80+ custom satellite projects.
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Option 2
Standard Buses
The most extensive range of cost-efficient and quickly produced standard satellite platforms in the market with 21 configurations allows constellation customers to match their requirements without extensive non-recurring engineering and associated risks.
Constellation Customers We serve
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Comprehensive Spectrum of Partnership Models
  • Low Involvement
    Avionics Kits
    Satellite avionics kits in large quantities, enabling customers to take control of their satellite assembly and integration in-house.
  • Medium Involvement
    Ready to-Integrate Satellite Buses
    Providing fully assembled and rigorously tested satellite buses, complemented by payload integration support at your premises.
  • High Involvement
    Integrated Satellites
    Delivering assembled and tested satellite buses with comprehensive payload integration services at our state-of-the-art facilities, tailored to meet varying security needs.
  • Full involvement
    End-to-End Constellation Management
    A complete outsourcing solution for your satellite constellation, encompassing satellite buses, payload integration, launch coordination, and mission operations.
Highlighted Constellation Customer - OQ Technology
The World’s First and Largest 5G Narrowband-IoT Constellation
NanoAvionics has successfully launched 6 satellites for telecom operator OQ Technology. These missions built and expanded the world’s first and largest 5G Narrowband-IoT constellation in low Earth orbit (LEO). Leveraging this constellation, OQ Technology is revolutionizing machine-to-machine communications, enhancing IoT connectivity across industries worldwide with reliable and widespread coverage.