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Improve Your Time to Space and Time in Space
Choose from 7 configurable standard satellite buses ranging from 10 kg to 200+ kg in wet mass and with lead times starting at 7 months. Our offerings include three levels of configuration—Light, Mid, and Max—to meet various mission demands.

NanoAvionics’ mission experience with over 80 satellites launched or in production has driven the design of the broadest standard satellite bus range in the industry.

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Configure your satellite
Why Base Your Mission on a Standard Platform?
  • 2x horter lead times reduce your operational expenses and accelerate revenue generation
  • Reduced cost for a standard product
  • Standard design allows to stock components in advance mitigating risk for delays​
  • Reliability through consistent flight-proven architectures​
  • No need to qualify new software or hardware​
  • Continuous software improvements in orbit
7 Standard Small Satellite Bus Sizes
3 Levels of Bus Configuration
  • Light Configuration
    Ideal for missions that prioritize essential satellite functions.
  • Mid Configuration
    Offers enhanced data rates and optimal performance for more demanding operations.
  • Max Configuration
    Designed for missions requiring high pointing accuracy, increased data rates, and jitter stability.
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Process of Building a Standard Satellite
  • Define your mission requirements
  • Discover your best satellite match using our
  • See the price, lead times, and download product resources
  • Consult with NanoAvionics engineers to ensure you've found the right fit
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  • Choose additional services, such as FlatSat rental or mission operations
Standard Buses Built on Extensive Mission Experience
  • 15+
    Remote sensing customers using our busses
  • 10+
    Telecommunication customers using our buses
  • 15+
    Research customers using our buses
  • 5+
    Defence and national security customers using our buses