GIoT - NanoAvionics

Global Infrastructure for Internet of Things (GIoT) - Constellation as a Service


The GIoT (Global Internet of Things) infrastructure is the first pilot and commercialization project of a global Nano-satellite-powered “constellation as a service" solution to offer network operators easy and low-cost access to space-to-ground communications. The GIoT system architecture will serve both terrestrial and satellite-based Internet of the Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) network operators. This architecture will help operators to expand network coverage over oceans and in remote areas where cellular networks are not presently available. Also, it will provide a more affordable access solution in regions where cellular networks already exist.



  • Antwerp Space – for communication between Nano-satellites LEO-to-LEO Inter-Satellite link (ISL). ISL module is specifically designed for M6P and M12P buses, permitting real-time connectivity between constellation satellites;



  • NanoAvionics – for launch brokerage services and Nano-satellite technologies. NanoAvionics provides its 6U- 12U size Nano-satellite buses (M6P and M12P) with green chemical propulsion, that enables constellation synchronization;



  • KSAT – for space-to-ground communication. Global real-time connectivity is enabled by KSAT’s technically mature ground stations network compatible with NanoAvionics satellites.

Project details
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovationprogramme under grant agreement No 853797
Horizon 2020 Research and innovation programme
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